Top Jobs in Demand in Malaysia

We are often asked on what kind of jobs are in demand in the market. Well, one way to know is to understand where is Malaysia heading and what professions are most relevant to support that direction.

TalentCorp published the “Critical Occupations List” which provides 48 occupations that Malaysia needs in the key economic sectors. The methodology of developing the list reflects that these jobs are hardest to fill and most sought-after. Consequently, to stay relevant in the Malaysian job market, it is important for job seekers to learn the skills that make them suitable for any of these jobs.

We can notice several groupings from the list on the types of jobs that are in high demand:



These occupations include managers from all fields such as finance, HR, marketing, research, manufacturing, … The main idea here is that market is in need of individuals who are good in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling various organizational operations.



Although the employability of engineers highly depends on the economic activity of their industry, many of them are in high demand currently in Malaysia. Their role mainly focuses on conducting research, designing, consulting, developing, and maintaining relevant systems or machinery.


IT Specialists:

They apply their expertise in the development, implementation, monitoring, or maintenance of IT systems. Their roles can include functions such as system analysis, programming, hardware and software maintenance, and database administration.


Science related specialists:

Science related occupations include those in the life sciences, which encompasses the study of living organisms, and in the physical sciences, which deals with non-living matter. Science is everywhere in the world around us and people who work in a scientific field have a major contribution to the economic development of a country.

An obvious way to become a specialist is any of these jobs, is to pursue an academic qualification. However, today there is an ample of online sources to practically learn relevant skills.   



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