Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview

So you finally got an invitation to an interview! Congratulations! But… now what?

An interview is a critical factor in landing on a job. It is important that you convey the right message to your interviewer and therefore we would like to share with you a list of useful tips:

The Do’s:

  • Listen carefully to the questions
  • Be involved enthusiastic, friendly and confident
  • Be well groomed
  • Answer the questions.  Support your answers with examples.
  • Keep your responses 1 – 2 minutes in length
  • Remain attentive
  • Fill out paperwork neatly and thoroughly
  • Show case your personality
  • Ask good questions
  • State your interests
  • Account for any gaps in your employment history
  • Turn off any mobile phones or devices before the interview!


The Don’ts 

  • Be arrogant
  • Give one word “yes” or “no” answers
  • Ask about salary or benefits
  • Be passive by letting the Interviewer do all of the talking
  • Show up late
  • Lose your focus and ramble, or go off on tangents
  • Mention personality conflicts
  • Use profanity during the interview
  • Interrupt the interviewer


To arm you with the information you need to ace the interview, Manpower has put together this easy-to-follow guide including information on how to prepare, common questions interviewers ask, what questions you should ask, and much more!