Tips for Writing Effective CVs:

Whatever stage you have reached in your career, whether you are looking for your first job, would like a change of direction, or to return to work after a break, finding a new job is never easy. Finding the right one is even harder!

Therefore, we would like to help you with these few tips, or reminders, in constructing an effective CV for your job hunting.

1- Remember your main goal:

The main goal of your CV is to promote yourself to employers and grab their attention to secure an interview. Bear in mind that employers might only spend mere 6 seconds to scan your resume.

2- Present the right content:

Your aim is to convince the employer that you have the necessary experience, knowledge and hunger to do the job. All companies are result-oriented, so a list of job titles and duties is not enough. You must emphasize what you achieved within a role, what value you added to a company or how you improved a situation.

Always be honest about your achievements and skills and be prepared to customize the content to suit your target company.

3- Form a scannable layout:

Put yourself in the employer’s position. They are very busy people and read through hundreds if not thousands of CVs. A messy, poorly laid-out CV is an open invitation to move on to the next application. However, having a visually pleasant CV, that is easily read, and which style is correct and free of mistakes, will automatically gain you a crucial edge over the majority of rival CVs.

4- Resources:

To help you with specific structures and tips for different CV types, here is a number of online resources that could be useful for you.